Your gums play an important role in not just the health and appearance of your smile but also its alignment. As part of our line of orthodontic treatments at Laird Orthodontics, we also offer diode laser treatments in Katy, Texas.

Our orthodontist may suggest using diode laser treatment to remove excess gum tissue. This can improve the aesthetics of your smile and accent the improvement to your appearance that orthodontic treatments provide. Dr. Aaron Laird may also need to use this treatment to expose more of the tooth surface to properly place a bracket. An impacted tooth, such as a canine tooth, can make treatment more difficult, and laser diode treatment can be used to expose a problem tooth and even help you avoid surgery.

As the name indicates, our orthodontist will use a laser to slowly remove small amounts of gum tissue. While we can apply topical anesthetic for your comfort, most people find that laser treatments are painless. Additionally, laser treatments result in less bleeding, are not as invasive as traditional approaches and require much less recovery time. If you are interested in finding out if laser diode treatment would be right for you, call our office at 281-392-1155 and speak with a member of our team.